Observational Analysis is an innovative approach to observing your students. We have observed the microcosm using the microscope to view minutae worlds and using the telescope we are observing the stars and galaxies. Teachers and educators are in a wonderful position to view their students, taking an inward stroke to observe enviromental settings including test pressure/time situations, home enviroment, and social adjustment i.e. the interactions between students. This unique position can allow teachers to assess if the student is learning optimally. Is the student properly adjusted to the curriculum? Is the student interacting and well adjusted with their peers?

   Obvservational Analysis is taking the scientific method and teaching teachers to apply observational skills to add to their student portfolios. So often test scores or examples of students work are added to their portfolios, but now using our free downloads, teachers can assess students affect, emotional well being including Divergent/Convergent Thinking, Pre/Post Testing Questionnaire, Physical and Medical Profile as well as Behavioral Correlations to Optimal Independent Functioning. The approach in this text is to examine the scanning process and the observational process including observing through the total communication process and visual scanning. There is a discussion regarding elements of giftedness, the self, and ego strength. Models of the thought process are analyzed from the traditional perspective of the rational and affective domains to modern thought. A section is devoted to observing the mentally and emotionally handicapped. This volume can serve as a background to behavior and can assist the reader to examine those features affecting behavior. It is intended to be a discussion on the topic.
Free Forms
   Slosson is offering free downloads of teacher forms for detailing Observational Analysis of students’ affective side including but not limited to: Scale of Divergent/Convergent Thinking, Pre and Post Testing Questionnaires, Visual Scanning for Physical Observations, Chronic Health Checklist, Psychological and Medical Profile, Behavioral Profile, Profile of Behavioral Correlations (To Optimal Independent Functioning). Please feel free to download any of these forms to add them to your students’ portfolios.  It is our wish to give teachers a 360 degree perspective of performance attributes that may affect your students learning potential.

Please fill out the required feilds to receive your free Observational Analysis Manual and Test forms in PDF format.

Diatoms and Crystals

 Recorded by Sir Hamilton Lanphere Smith and Andre Gorzynski, we have examples of our microcosm available for print. Please visit our Diatoms and Crystals tab at the top of this page, or click here ,  to view these astounding photos and hand drawn images!